Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Basis of Dissertation

Is the power of physical appearance and influence used intentionally within violence and dictatorship?

The power a symbol has over people: the image of Adolf Hitler
Queen Elizabeth I
Queen Victoria & the British Empire etc.
The symbols that individual subcultures hold; the threats they impose upon society
How we subconsciously hold a cemented assumption of individual subcultures and imagery just from certain features i.e. mopeds are associated with mods, safety pins are associated with punks etc.

In regards to leaders within history, looking at how their image and influence has a long lasting meaning and how they are symbols within there own right i.e. Queen Elizabeth I, her identity is seen as all powerful and all conquering.
Looking at leaders and identifying their symbols, also their effects upon society and individuals, leading onto subcultures.

How these ‘powerful’ symbols and images i.e. the German Nazis, are/were used to scare and threaten people into submission or recruitment.
The implied violence of a symbol, image and group e.g. do skinheads use their image to threaten people?
Why is their image intimidating?

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