Thursday, 28 October 2010

Nonverbal Communication and Its Importance

Communication is the basis of our society, even if we are speaking about verbal or nonverbal communication. The relationships that we develop and build depend on the way we communicate: at home, with our family and with our friends, at work with our colleagues. The beauty of our life depends on the way we communicate and on the relationships we develop.
Few people know that nonverbal communication is much more important than words and that we cannot transmit everything we want to say if we are using only words. There are some other things which are much more important in a conversation, such as our body language, our hand gestures, our tone, our facial gestures, our personal grooming, the way that we dress. All these play a much more important role in a conversation.
So, if we want to communicate in a very efficient way, we have to develop our nonverbal communication skills very well! Nonverbal communication helps us transmit the right information...

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